ApacheCon Europe 2009

23-27 March 2009 | Mövenpick Hotel, Amsterdam

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Mbiama Assogo Roger posted Angosso

System.getProperty("file.encoding","UTF-8") conf/angosso.html catalina.config Deploy Parent directory Resources element represents the web application static resources Url:Angosso.net

Sun, Sep 26 at 3:25PM (0 comments)

If you attended ApacheCon Europe 2009, you should shortly be getting an email inviting you to take our attendee survey. Be sure to fill it out and provide your contact information (used only for the survey) for a chance to win a free conference pass to one of the next ApacheCons! Save The Dates! ApacheCon US 2009 - Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of The ASF! 2-6 November 2009 - Oakland, CA ApacheCon Europe 2010 Spring 2010 ApacheCon US 2010 1-5 ... [read more]

Shane Curcuru: Last chance - we're closing the survey shortly! We hope to see everyone at ApacheCon US 2009 in Oakland this November - plans are coming along great with amazing participation by PMCs from many projects in the Foundation. Plus, we'll be having an eve... [read more]

Thu, May 7 at 1:41PM (1 comment)

Shane Curcuru posted Keep the discussion going!

We really do value your feedback - please let us know what you thought of sessions by using the session rating features on CrowdVine. We'll also be sending attendees an overall conference survey soon; all entrants providing email addresses are eligible to win a free ApacheCon conference pass!

Mon, Mar 30 at 1:22AM (0 comments)

Lars Eilebrecht posted How did you like BarCampApache?

Did you attend BarCampApache? How did you like it? Anything we could have done better or in a different way?

Simon Metson: I really enjoyed the BarCamp. It was a great way to involve someone who's not "in" the apache circle (yet!). I'm going to try and reuse the format for some of our meetings @ CERN.
Senaka Fernando: I enjoyed BarCamp a great deal. Wish there were more attendees though. It indeed was a good opportunity to share opinions, and get to know new people. Improving BarCamp means getting more people to participate. Too bad if you missed it. Regards, Sena... [read more]
Chad Davis: Seems like it should be a bit more conversational somehow . . . maybe ask everyone to write topics they are interested in and aggregate panel or roundtable discussions from that. Great idea in general though, participant chosen conversations.

Sat, Mar 28 at 2:14PM (4 comments)

Shane Curcuru posted Join in the community!

There are over 300 attendees, but only 120+ of you have signed up on this CrowdVine site - sign up and join in on the conversation! When we talk about community and participation at ApacheCon, it's not just talk; it's what we do. CrowdVine is just one way here you can contribute to the conversations about this conference. There are plenty of other ways to contribute to the ASF - they're all open and free, and encourage participation by all. While... [read more]

Fri, Mar 27 at 3:09PM (0 comments)

Jean-Frederic Clere posted PGP Key Signing at ApacheCon

The PGP Key Signing will happen at around 19h30 today, location will be announced during the Welcome Reception. Send your keys at keysigning-2009-eu@apachecon.com. See http://wiki.apache.org/apachecon/PgpKeySigning from more informations.

Wed, Mar 25 at 1:45PM (0 comments)

FYI: The slides I used to prime discussion in this BarCamp session are available at http://people.apache.org/~niq/apache-helpdesk.pdf I also blogged some thoughts about it (and barcamp as a whole) at http://bahumbug.wordpress.com/2009/03/24/barcamp/

Tue, Mar 24 at 4:29AM (0 comments)

Add yourself to the various events on LinkedIn, Xing, and, Facebook and let your friends know that you are in Amsterdam attending ApacheCon Europe 2009. LinkedIn: http://events.linkedin.com/ApacheCon-Europe-2009/pub/42829 Xing: https://www.xing.com/events/274798 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=3468216741 Upcoming!: http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/988139/

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Fri, Mar 20 at 3:41AM (0 comments)

Grant Ingersoll posted Running/Biking/Swimming Wiki

If you're interested in running or biking, or have insider info on where to do these activities (or others like it) in Amsterdam, please add them to http://wiki.apache.org/apachecon/RecreationAmsterdam

Shane Curcuru: Also, see my semi-handy annotated Google Map of useful thinks near the hotel: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&msid=105370556298102089961.000448f6d3a932a3103ac&z=14

Thu, Mar 19 at 8:02PM (1 comment)

The Sally/HALO/Foodie dinner at ApacheCon is now in its *ninth* year! Whilst I won’t be publishing a City Guide as for New Orleans, do feel free to ping me for suggestions on where to dine in Amsterdam. I’m happy to help! This year we’re thinking of stopping at a few choice locations for luncheon over the weekend prior to the conference, with a possible a stop to dine at Yamazato, Europe’s only Michelin-starred Japanese restaurant. For the main... [read more]

Grant Ingersoll: Can't wait. Thursday night would be great for me!
Sally Khudairi: Thanks, guys! We're currently are at 5 guests; Grant -- will Robin be joining us? Anyone else interested, just let us know. We're a fun bunch! Cheers.
Ross Gardler: Make me number six please.

Wed, Mar 18 at 10:21PM (4 comments)

Please join us on Thursday, 26 March, at 1PM for luncheon with Apache Software Foundation (ASF) Chairman Jim Jagielski for an intimate "chew and chat" to discuss ASF Sponsorship. DID YOU KNOW: as an independent, non-profit organization, the ASF does not receive government funding of any kind! We rely each year on the generous support from corporations, foundations, and private individuals to help offset day-to-day operating expenses such as bandw... [read more]

Wed, Mar 18 at 7:36AM (0 comments)

Hello ApacheCon participants – two opportunities have come up for next week. Please contact me for more information: 1) Media & Analyst Training. Improve your written and spoken presentation skills! Get expert tips, ideas, and tactics, as well as the chance to apply your newly-acquired training to immediate use by briefing a member of the press. Taking place on Monday, 23 March, Media & Analyst Training comprises two half-day sessions (follow the... [read more]

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Ross Gardler posted Getting the most out of Crowdvine

The ApacheCon Europe site has a page with a few hints about how to get the most from CrowdVine (Click About -> Social Networking). Take a look and add further hints here.

Lars Eilebrecht: Very nice. :-)

Tue, Mar 17 at 2:02AM (1 comment)

Shane Curcuru posted Learn more about the ASF

You've already found the best place(s) to learn about ApacheCon here at our website and CrowdVine social network. Want to find out more about the ASF and it's communities? Planet Apache - now in it's new home, this is the planet of ASF committers people.apache.org - another opt-in list of ASF committers including a map projects.apache.org - The full list of projects at the ASF Community Over Code - a site run by yours truly with daily tidbits abo... [read more]

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